Onsite service & support for Mac users. We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Fix problems / Upgrade hardware / Speed up a slow Mac  Should you upgrade to the latest OS?
Tired of carrying in your Mac? We’ll come to your home or business.

To keep that old Mac or buy a new one?

That is the question.  Plus-best places to buy used.


Problems with iCloud or Time Machine?

We’ll show you the way to set it up so it just works.


Setup & administer Mac servers.

VPN, File-sharing, Wiki,  Collaboration & more.


Wired / Wireless.  Increase your speed.

Setup & troubleshooting.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients


What our clients say

“John is one of the only tech guys I know who uses plain English to explain things so even a 94 year-old can understand it. He takes the time to leave explain what’s happening, leaves me with written instructions and offers private tutoring for people like me. He has really taught me a lot and I’ve enjoyed every minute of our time together. You don’t get better than John.”


“I have known John Dickson for many years, some from before he established macWorks and he has always been my tech. His knowledge is broad, his work always spot on and he’s a fine man to work with. Highly recommend John and his team, can’t possibly go wrong hiring him.”


“What John does is not at all different from what a doctor would do… he heals. He heals not only the equipment as a patient, but the people who are behind that equipment. He’s not just a technician, he’s a therapist, a counselor, a friend and a healer.”


“Outstanding! My initial call was returned promptly and I could tell right away that John knows his stuff. He asked all the right questions, immediately got important information about the computer, made his recommendations, and set up an appointment for service. He was punctual to the appointment and extremely polite and professional. He did something that many so-called computer pros fail to do – he checked to see which of the applications I use might have compatibility problems with the new operating system and discussed how those would be handled. This was really critical to me – there is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a relied-upon program only to find out that it doesn’t work anymore. The computer was returned to me the next day and John did a demo of the major changes and tested the applications that he thought might be a problem. He set up the trackpad and showed me how to use it, discussed how best to maintain the computer, etc. macWorks will definitely be my computer service company from now on and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any Mac user.”


“John is my “go-to” guy when my computers are acting crazy. He has a wealth of knowledge and always manages to get my office back up and running smoothly in no-time-flat. In an industry where it is easy to do more harm than good, John stands out as someone who knows his stuff and somehow manages to stay up to date in a field that changes rapidly.”


“I am a retired Creative Director with a Design background, which means I’ve been an Apple user for over 25 years. I have never had anyone care for my Apple ineptness as well as John. John has taken care of every problem with great efficiency… besides being one of the fairest and nicest people you could ever want to meet.”