Anti-virus (AV) scam

Important – Mac scam information:

We received the reference to the URL below from Melanie Allen, a Mac computer tech at Buncombe County Schools—thanks, Melanie! Check out the link below for the full article about a scam going around, affecting both Mac and Windows users. This alert is important because this is a scam from a supposed software developer that is trying to fake-out users into purchasing virus software that Mac users do not need! The software is called MacDefender, so many MacUsers may think they need it, i.e. it will defend your Mac against malware, viruses, and trojan horsesWRONG! The software is little more than  malware itself and once installed, it is nearly impossible and expensive to eradicate! So, beware of this scam and any others that seem “too-good-to-be-true”. For the present time, Mac users do not need to invest in secondary security software for virus protection. That could change in the future and if it does, we will be right here to keep you informed! In the meantime, if you want a virus checker for your Mac, there is a free anti-virus application available called ClamXav. It is available at their Website at: or at the Mac App Store. Read the post in the link below and be forewarned. Let’s be safe out there!