Browser Malware & ClamxAV, Part 2

After the first email suggesting using Clamx to find Malware on your mac, many people emailed with questions.

The best way to run Clamx is to create a new folder on your desktop named Quarantine. Let Clamx drop everything bad it finds in there, then you can delete the contents of this folder.

In more detail, start Clamx, then go to ClamxAV > Preferences.
Click the Quarantine tab, then click “Set Quarantine Folder.”

In the new window, click Desktop, then New folder, then name it Quarantine. Click on Create and then Open.
The checkbox “Quarantine Infected Files To” should now be checked.

You can click OK and start running a Clamx scan.

When the scan is finished, you can double click on any of the files in the Quarantine folder to see what they are.
If Clamx finds a lot of the Heuristics.phishing files, I wouldn’t worry too much about those. For some reason, a lot of legitimate banks, credit cards, and insurance emails are flagged as suspicious in Clamx.

Another good piece of software is Adware Medic, now Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. You can download it at This nifty program will find and then delete most all of the current browser Malware, aka Adware out there.

It is doing the same thing I talked about in the last email. Instead of manually removing it, Adware Medic does it for you.

After it downloads, open the Installer file and drag it to your Applications folder, then run it. It only takes a few seconds to check your Mac for browser malware. If it finds any, you can tell it to remove it.

When Adware Medic (the Lion version, Malwarebytes for all Mac OS’s after Lion) first starts, it asks you if you want to donate. If you use it and it does remove adware I would strongly consider donating. It is smaller, independent developers like this that keep the Macs being Macs.