Can’t get online?

So, you were surfing the Internet last evening, but this morning you can’t get online. There are a couple of things that you can check before calling us for a service call to save us both some time.

If you are connecting with a wired system or an ethernet cable:
1. First of all, make sure the cable is securely connected at both ends;
2. If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, unplug the power cord from your DSL or cable modem;
3. Wait at least 5 minutes and then plug the power back in;
4. Check to see if you can get online now;
5. If you still can’t get online, check to see if you can locate a [Reset] button on the DSL or cable modem, and press and hold the [Reset] button for 10 seconds;
6. Can you get online now?

If you still can’t get online:
7. On your Mac, go to the [Apple] icon in the upper left-hand corner and open [System Preferences];
8. Open the [Network] icon;
9. Click on [Ethernet] and check to see if the “green” light is lit up beside the name and if the first line or IP Address says: [169.???.???.???] or anything like that—it means your Mac is not talking to the DSL or cable modem;
10. Restart your Mac and check the IP Address again;
11. If the “green” light still isn’t lit or if you still get a [169.???…..] try a new ethernet cable.
12. If you have gone through these basic maintenance steps and you still cannot get on the Information SuperHighway, give John a call at 828.777.8639 and he will check it our for you. And, thank you for consulting with macWorks, inc. for all your Macintosh maintenance, service, and repair needs!