Printer won’t print?

It happens to all of us some time or other—you boot up the Mac and are raring to get some work done. After finishing your first draft of a six-page report to the Condo Board, you try to print it so your neighbor can review it for you—the printer won’t work, so what’s up with that? Try these basic printer tips first to save some time. (Note: Many of today’s printers won’t print if ink is too low.)

1. Make sure the printer cable (if you’re using a USB connection) is securely connected to the Mac and to the printer;
2. Is the printer plugged into a live power outlet and turned on?
3. Are there any flashing lights on the printer? (If so, check your printer’s user manual to see what these flashing lights mean.) Flashing lights on the printer are always a sign of some sort of problem with the printer.
4. If there are flashing lights, take care of the problem first (low ink, paper jam, etc.);
5. Open [System Preferences], click on [Print & Fax] or [Print & Scan], select your printer from the left-hand window, then click on the minus (–) sign to delete the printer. Click on [Yes] or [Delete Printer] when asked if you are sure you want to delete the printer;
6. Then click on the plus (+) sign to re-add the printer;
7. Select [Default] if you want to set up a new USB printer or [IP] if you want to set up an Internet Protocol (online) printer;
8. From the main window, select the printer from the list that shows up in the window;
9. Click the [Add] button at the bottom-right area of the window and the printer should be all set;
10. Close the [System Preferences] window.

Now, if that doesn’t solve your printer problem, then it is time to call John at macWorks, inc. at 828.777.8639. We will get back to you shortly.